§431:15-334  Distribution of assets.  (a)  Subject to any instructions the court may give, the liquidator shall make distributions pursuant to section 431:15-332 in a manner that will assure the proper recognition of priorities and a reasonable balance between the expeditious completion of the liquidation and the protection of unliquidated and undetermined claims, including third party claims.  Distribution of assets in kind may be made at valuations set by agreement between the liquidator and the creditor and approved by the court in advance of the distribution.

     (b)  The liquidator shall make distributions to guaranty funds or associations, or foreign guaranty funds or associations pursuant to the priority schedule of section 431:15-332 to satisfy their claims under article 16 or similar laws of other states, if the claims have been filed pursuant to section 431:15-325.  The liquidator may protect against inequitable allocations by making payments to funds and associations subject to binding agreements by them to repay any portions of the distributions that are later found to be in excess of an equitable allocation.  If assets are available, the liquidator may also lend to guaranty funds and associations, subject to express advance court approval.

     (c)  The liquidator shall report to the court within four months after the issuance of the liquidation order under section 431:15-307, and every three months thereafter on the status of the assets and the payment of distributions and loans under subsection (b).  The court may order the liquidator to make distributions to guaranty funds and associations under subsection (b) more expeditiously to minimize the need for assessments under article 16 or similar laws of other states.

  (d)(1)  Upon liquidation of a domestic nonlife mutual insurance company, any assets held in excess of its liabilities and the amounts which may be paid to its members as provided under subsection (d)(2) shall be paid into the state compliance resolution fund.

     (2)  The maximum amount payable upon liquidation to any member for and on account of such member's membership in a domestic nonlife mutual insurance company, in addition to the insurance benefits promised in the policy, is the total of all premium payments made by the member within the past five years with interest at the legal rate compounded annually. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 1999, c 163, §15(1); am L 2002, c 39, §15; am L 2004, c 122, §71]