§431:15-203  Confidentiality of hearings.  In all proceedings and judicial reviews thereof under section 431:15-201 and section 431:15-202, all records of the insurer, other documents, and all files, court records, and papers of the insurance division of the department of commerce and consumer affairs, so far as they pertain to or are a part of the record of the proceedings, shall be and remain confidential except as is necessary to obtain compliance therewith, unless the circuit court of the first judicial circuit of this State, after hearing arguments from the parties in chambers, orders otherwise, or unless the insurer requests that the matter be made public.  Until the court order, all papers filed with the court shall be confidential. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]


Case Notes


  Section establishes a duty governing the conduct of the insurance commissioner and court personnel who are involved in investigations conducted by the commissioner and cannot form a basis for the imposition of liability upon third parties who may inadvertently come into possession of material deemed "confidential" pursuant to this section's terms.  89 H. 254, 971 P.2d 1089 (1999).