§431:15-105  Injunctions and orders.  (a)  Any receiver appointed in a proceeding under this article may, at any time apply for and the circuit court of the first circuit may grant, under the relevant provisions of the Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, any injunctions, any restraining orders, and other orders as may be deemed necessary and proper to prevent:

     (1)  The transaction of further business;

     (2)  The transfer of property;

     (3)  Interference with the receiver or with a proceeding under this article;

     (4)  Waste of the insurer's assets;

     (5)  Dissipation and transfer of bank accounts;

     (6)  The institution or further prosecution of any actions or proceedings;

     (7)  The obtaining of preferences, judgments, attachments, garnishments, or liens against the insurer, its assets or its policyholders;

     (8)  The levying of execution against the insurer;

     (9)  The making of any sale or deed for nonpayment of taxes or assessments that would lessen the value of the assets of the insurer;

    (10)  The withholding from the receiver of books, accounts, documents, or other records relating to the business of the insurer; or

    (11)  Any other threatened or contemplated action that might lessen the value of the insurer's assets or prejudice the rights of policyholders, creditors, or shareholders, or the administration of any proceeding under this article.

     (b)  The receiver may apply to any court outside of this State for the relief described in subsection (a). [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]