[§431:14G-102]  Definitions.  As used in this article:

     "Commissioner" means the insurance commissioner.

     "Enrollee" means a person who enters into a contractual relationship or who is provided with health care services or benefits through a managed care plan.

     "Managed care plan" or "plan" means a health plan as defined in section 431:10A, or chapter 432 or 432D, regardless of form, offered or administered by a health care insurer, including but not limited to a mutual benefit society or health maintenance organization, or voluntary employee beneficiary associations, but shall not include disability insurers licensed under chapter 431.

     "Rate" means every rate, charge, classification, schedule, practice, or rule.  The definition of "rate" excludes fees and fee schedules paid by the insurer to providers of services covered under this article.

     "Supplementary rating information" includes any manual or plan of rates, classification, rating schedule, minimum premium, policy fee, rating rule, underwriting rule, statistical plan, and any other similar information needed to determine the applicable rates in effect or to be in effect.

     "Supporting information" means:

     (1)  The experience and judgment of the filer and the experience or data of other organizations relied on by the filer;

     (2)  The interpretation of any other data relied upon by the filer; and

     (3)  Descriptions of methods used in making the rates and any other information required by the commissioner to be filed. [L 2007, c 175, pt of §2]