[§431:14A-113]  Annual accounting; dividends.  (a)  The company shall conduct an annual accounting of its incurred loss experience and expenses.

     (b)  The board may declare and apportion reasonable dividends to policyholders, determined by an actuarial opinion prepared by a qualified actuary after evaluating the impact of the dividends on the solvency of the company.  The dividends may be paid or credited to policyholders according to classifications of policies established by the board.

     (c)  No dividends shall be:

     (1)  Paid or credited in a manner that unfairly discriminates between policies within the same classification;

     (2)  Made contingent upon payment of any renewal premium on any policy; or

     (3)  Paid or credited in the first three years of operation of the company. [L 1996, c 261, pt of §2]