[§431:14A-112]  Financial statements and other reports.  (a)  The company shall submit to the commissioner an annual statement of financial condition audited by an independent certified accountant.  The audit report shall contain an actuarial opinion prepared by a qualified actuary on the company's claims reserves and expenses.  The financial statement shall be on a form prescribed by the commissioner and shall include actuarially appropriate reserves for:

     (1)  Known claims and associated expenses;

     (2)  Claims incurred but not reported and associated expenses;

     (3)  Unearned premiums; and

     (4)  Bad debts, reserves for which shall be shown as liabilities.

     (b)  The company shall compile and maintain statistical and actuarial data relating to the determination of premium rate levels, the incidence of work-related injuries, the cost of injuries, and other data relating to work injuries.  The compiled information shall be submitted annually to the commissioner and to the director of labor and industrial relations. [L 1996, c 261, pt of §2]