§431:14-118  Hearing procedure and judicial review.  (a)  Any insurer or rating organization aggrieved by any order or decision of the commissioner made without a hearing, may, within thirty days after notice of the order to the insurer or organization, make written request to the commissioner for a hearing.  The commissioner shall hold a hearing within twenty days after receipt of the request, and shall give not less than ten days' written notice of the time and place of the hearing.  Within fifteen days after the hearing, the commissioner shall affirm, reverse, or modify the commissioner's previous action, specifying the reasons for the commissioner's decision.  Pending the hearing and decision, the commissioner may suspend or postpone the effective date of the commissioner's previous action.

     (b)  Any final order or decision of the commissioner may be reviewed in the circuit court of the first circuit, and an appeal from the decision of the court shall lie to the intermediate appellate court, subject to chapter 602.  The review shall be taken and had in the manner provided in chapter 91. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 2004, c 202, §49; am L 2006, c 94, §1; am L 2010, c 109, §1]