§431:14-116  Assigned risks.  Agreements may be made among insurers with respect to the equitable apportionment among them of insurance which may be afforded applicants who are in good faith entitled to, but who are unable to procure, such insurance through ordinary methods and the insurers may agree among themselves on the use of reasonable rate modifications for such insurance, the agreements and rate modifications to be subject to the approval of the commissioner; provided that this section shall not apply to workers' compensation insurance after December 31, 1996, or the date the domestic mutual insurance company established pursuant to [section] 431:14A-103 writes its first policy, whichever is later. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 1996, c 261, §3]




  For contingent repeal and reenactment, see L 1996, c 261, §10.


Cross References


  Discontinuation of assigned risks, see §431:14A-119.