§431:14-113  Examination.  (a)  The commissioner may, as often as the commissioner may deem it expedient, make or cause to be made an examination of each rating organization referred to in section 431:14-107, each advisory organization referred to in section 431:14-111 and of each group, association or other organization referred to in section 431:14-112.  The reasonable costs of any such examination shall be paid by the rating organization, advisory organization, or group, association, or other organization examined upon presentation to it of a detailed account of such costs.  The officer, manager, agents, and employees of the rating organization, advisory organization, or group, association, or other organization may be examined at any time under oath and shall exhibit all books, records, accounts, documents, or agreements governing its method of operation.  In lieu of any such examination, the commissioner may accept the report of an examination made by the insurance supervisory official of any state, pursuant to the laws of such state.

     (b)  The commissioner shall furnish the organization examined a copy of the examination report not fewer than sixty days prior to the filing of the report for public inspection in the insurance division.  If the organization so requests in writing during the sixty-day period, the commissioner shall hold a hearing to consider the organization's objections to the report as proposed, and shall not file the report until after the hearing and until after any modifications in the report deemed necessary by the commissioner have been made.  If the organization does not request a hearing on the report, the examination report shall be filed at the end of sixty days.

     (c)  Once filed, the report shall be available for public inspection and shall be admissible as a public record, except that the commissioner or the commissioner's examiners may at any time testify and offer other proper evidence as to information secured during the course of an examination, regardless of whether a written report of the examination has at that time been either made, served, or filed in the insurance division. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 1990, c 255, §12; am L 2004, c 122, §63]