[§431:14-110.8]  Publication of homeowners insurance premium information.  (a)  Upon the commissioner's request, all homeowners insurers shall provide homeowners insurance premium information to the commissioner within thirty days of the request.

     (b)  The commissioner shall publish annually, by electronic or online publication on the official website of the insurance division, a list of all homeowners insurers with representative annual premiums for homeowners insurance.

     (c)  As used in this section:

     "Homeowners insurance" means an insurance policy for any residential property in the State that combines:

     (1)  Indemnity from destruction or damage of the insured's property by various designated perils; and

     (2)  Indemnity for legal liability of the insured for death, injury, or disability of any human being or for damage to property.

     "Homeowners insurer" means an insurer holding a valid certificate of authority to engage in the business of making contracts of homeowners insurance in this State. [L 2012, c 258, §1]