§431:14-107.1  Rating and advisory organizations, permitted activity.  In addition to other activities not expressly prohibited by this article, rating organizations and advisory organizations are authorized, on behalf of their members and subscribers, to:

     (1)  Develop statistical plans including territorial and class definitions;

     (2)  Collect statistical data from members, subscribers, or any other source;

     (3)  Prepare and distribute prospective loss costs;

     (4)  Prepare and distribute factors, calculations or formulas pertaining to classification, territory, increased limits, and other variables;

     (5)  Prepare and distribute manuals of rating rules and rating schedules that do not include final rates, expenses provisions, profit provisions, or minimum premiums;

     (6)  Distribute information that is required or directed to be filed with the commissioner;

     (7)  Conduct research and on-site inspections in order to prepare classifications of public fire defenses;

     (8)  Consult with public officials regarding public fire protection as it would affect members, subscribers, and others;

     (9)  Conduct research and collect statistics in order to discover, identify, and classify information relating to causes or prevention of losses;

    (10)  Prepare policy forms and endorsements and consult with members, subscribers, and others relative to their use and application;

    (11)  Conduct research and on-site inspections for the purpose of providing risk information relating to individual structures;

    (12)  Collect, compile, and distribute past and current prices of individual insurers and publish that information;

    (13)  File final rates, at the direction of the commissioner, for residual market mechanisms; and

    (14)  Furnish any other services, as approved or directed by the commissioner, related to those enumerated in this section. [L 1990, c 255, §3]