§431:12-105  Mass merchandising requirements.  Mass merchandising of insurance and every mass merchandising plan shall be subject to the following conditions:

     (1)  The insurance offered shall be open to participation by or be available to every employee of the employer who meets the underwriting requirements of the insurer.

     (2)  The insurance shall be offered without discrimination against any employee as to rates, forms, or coverages.  Nothing herein shall preclude the establishment of different classes of risks.

     (3)  Upon the termination of employment or upon the termination of the mass merchandising agreement, an insured employee shall have the option of continuing the employee's participation in a group policy or the employee's individual policy then in force for a period of one year upon payment of the applicable premium; provided that the employee shall exercise the employee's option within thirty days following the date of the termination.  The terms, conditions, and coverages for the one-year period are those that were effective on the date of termination and shall not be more restrictive than those contained in the mass merchandising agreement, the group policy, or the individual policy in force immediately prior to the date of termination.

     (4)  The insurer shall issue a certificate or other evidence of participation to every member covered under a group policy and a policy of insurance to every member insured under an individual policy.

     (5)  The insurance offered shall not be contingent upon the purchase of any other insurance, product, or service; nor shall the purchase of any other insurance, product, or service be contingent upon the purchase of the motor vehicle, property, and casualty insurance offered. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 2000, c 24, §11]