§431:11-104.3  Preacquisition notification; waiting period.  (a)  An acquisition covered by section 431:11-104.2 may be subject to an order pursuant to section 431:11-104.5 unless the acquiring person or the acquired person files a preacquisition notification and the waiting period has expired.  The commissioner shall treat information submitted under this subsection as confidential in the same manner as provided in section 431:11-108.

     (b)  The preacquisition notification shall be in such form and contain such information as prescribed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, including information relating to those markets in which the acquisition would not be exempted pursuant to section 431:11-104.2(b)(5).  The commissioner may require such additional material and information as the commissioner deems necessary to determine whether the proposed acquisition, if consummated, would violate the competitive standard of section 431:11-104.4.  The required information may include an opinion of an economist as to the competitive impact of the acquisition in this State accompanied by a summary of the education and experience indicating that economist's ability to render an informed opinion.

     (c)  The waiting period required shall begin on the date of receipt by the commissioner of a preacquisition notification and shall end on the earlier of the thirtieth day after the date of that receipt, or termination of the waiting period by the commissioner.  Prior to the end of the waiting period, the commissioner, on a one-time basis, may require the submission of additional information relevant to the proposed acquisition, in which event the waiting period shall end on the earlier of the thirtieth day after receipt of the additional information by the commissioner or termination of the waiting period by the commissioner. [L 1992, c 176, pt of §3; am L 2006, c 189, §8]