§431:10H-228  [Filing requirements; advertisements.]  (a)  Every insurer, health care service plan, or other entity providing long-term care insurance or benefits in this State shall provide a copy of any long-term care insurance advertisement intended for use in this State through written, radio, or television media to the commissioner for review or approval by the commissioner to determine compliance with this article.  All advertisements subject to this section shall be retained by the insurer, health care service plan, or other entity for at least three years from the date the advertisement was first used.

     (b)  The commissioner may exempt from the requirements of this section any advertising form or material when, in the commissioner's opinion, this requirement may not reasonably be applied. [L 1999, c 93, pt of §2; am L 2011, c 81, §7]


Revision Note


  Subsection (b) redesignated pursuant to §23G-15.