§431:10G-204  Rate review:  rate methods in noncompliance with article.  (a)  If the commissioner has good cause to believe that a classification, rule, standard, rate, rating territory, or rating plan made, followed, or adopted by an insurer does not comply with the requirements of this article, the commissioner shall, unless the commissioner has good cause to believe that such noncompliance is wilful, give notice in writing to each insurer, stating in what manner and to what extent such noncompliance is alleged to exist and specifying a reasonable time, not less than ten days thereafter, within which such noncompliance may be corrected.  Notices under this subsection shall be confidential as between the commissioner and the parties unless a hearing is held as provided in subsection (b).

     (b)  If the commissioner has good cause to believe such noncompliance to be wilful, or if, within the period prescribed by the commissioner in the notice given under subsection (a), the insurer does not:

     (1)  Correct the noncompliance specified by the commissioner; or

     (2)  Establish to the satisfaction of the commissioner that such noncompliance does not exist,

then the commissioner may proceed with a hearing which shall be subject to the hearing procedure provided in section 431:14-118. [L 1989, c 208, pt of §1]