§431:10G-202  Rate filings.  (a)  Every insurer shall file with the commissioner every manual of classification, rule, rate, rating plan, designation of rating territories, or standard for motorcycle or motor scooter insurance which it proposes to use.  Every filing shall state the proposed effective date of the filing and the character and extent of the coverage contemplated.

     (b)  The commissioner also may accept from an advisory organization basic standards, manuals of classification, territories, endorsements, forms, and other materials, not dealing with rates, for reference filings by insurers.

     (c)  Each filing shall be accompanied by a $20 fee payable to the commissioner, which fee shall be deposited in the commissioner's education and training fund.

     (d)  A filing and any supporting information shall be open to the public upon filing with the commissioner. [L 1989, c 208, pt of §1]


Cross References


  Commissioner's education and training fund, see §431:2-214.