[§431:10E-142]  Provisions for properties in lava zones in the county of Hawaii.  (a)  Where the mayor of the county of Hawaii has issued a proclamation declaring the existence of a state of emergency due to the threat of imminent disaster from a lava flow in a lava zone, the total number (rounded to the nearest whole number) of property insurance policies that an insurer may non-renew in a lava zone shall be limited for each calendar year to five per cent of the total number of covered policies of the insurer in force in that lava zone.

     (b)  Notwithstanding subsection (a), an insurer may cancel or non-renew a property insurance policy where:

     (1)  Premium payments for the policy are not made after reasonable demand therefor; or

     (2)  The commissioner determines the financial soundness of the insurer would be impaired. [L 2015, c 32, pt of §2]


Cross References


  Hawaii property insurance association, issuance of new policies on properties in lava zones, see §431:21-119.