[§431:10C-608]  Termination of self-insurer status and withdrawal of security deposit.  (a)  A person who terminates the person's status as a self-insurer or whose certificate of self-insurance has been revoked and who obtains a motor vehicle insurance policy for any formerly self-insured motor vehicle or shows that the person does not own any motor vehicle, may apply to the commissioner for the return of the person's security deposit or cancellation of the surety bond.

     (b)  After a lapse of twenty-four months from termination or revocation of self-insurer status and proof satisfactory to the commissioner that all claims have been fully adjudicated and paid, that all allotments and assessments have been paid, and that the owner has complied with the applicable provisions of this article, rules, orders, and directives of the commissioner, and provisions of the self-insurer's agreement, the commissioner may release the securities deposited or permit the cancellation of the bond. [L 2000, c 24, pt of §3]