§431:10C‑410  Schedules.  The commissioner shall:

     (1)  Set rate schedules periodically, but not less frequently than annually, for all classes in accordance with this part and the criteria in paragraph (3), so that the total premium income, from all plan motor vehicle insurance, when combined with the investment income, shall annually fund the costs of all joint underwriting plan classes, the joint underwriting assigned claims plan, and the administration of the plans;

     (2)  Prior to setting rates in accordance with paragraph (1), hold a public hearing on the proposed rates to afford all interested persons an opportunity to be heard.  Notice shall be published and the hearing shall be held in accordance with chapter 91;

     (3)  Establish rates for the following classes within the following restrictions:

          (A)  For the licensed public assistance driver, as defined in section 431:10C‑407(b)(2)(A), or the licensed foster care driver, as defined in section 431:10C‑407(b)(2)(C), no premium shall be assessed for the mandatory minimum personal injury protection, bodily injury, or property damage coverages; and all policies shall conform to section 431:10C‑407(b)(2); and

          (B)  For the licensed physically handicapped driver, including drivers with any auditory limitation, defined in section 431:10C‑407, no rate shall be set higher than that assessed a comparable driver without limitation, except that a higher rate may be surcharged under any applicable standard conforming with section 431:10C‑409(3); and

     (4)  Set various systems and schedules of rates based upon the risks involved, the experience with various exposures, uses, and drivers, and may include the establishment of surcharges for specific risks, drivers, and uses for each of the enumerated classes except the classes limited under paragraph (3). [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 1997, c 251, §53; am L 1998, c 275, §33; am L 2006, c 289, §5]