§431:10C-406  Regulations, review, and appellate procedure.  (a)  The commissioner shall adopt all necessary and appropriate rules for the execution of the commissioner's duties under this part as provided for in chapter 91.

     (b)  Any final ruling or disposition by the bureau, or by any assigned insurer or by a self-insurer, shall be appealed to the commissioner.  Administrative review, and the regulations promulgated therefor by the commissioner, shall conform to chapter 91.

     (c)  Judicial review shall be available to any person aggrieved as provided in chapter 91.

     (d)  The provisions of all other parts of this article apply to the joint underwriting plan, whether direct reference is made or not, unless in conflict with the provisions of this part. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 1998, c 275, §30]