§431:10C-107  Verification of insurance:  motor vehicles.  (a)  Every insurer shall issue to its insureds a paper or electronic motor vehicle insurance identification card for each motor vehicle for which the basic motor vehicle insurance coverage is written.  The electronic motor vehicle insurance identification card may be accessed directly through the licensed insurer's website, application, or database.  The identification card shall contain the following:

     (1)  Name of make and factory or serial number of the motor vehicle; provided that insurers of five or more motor vehicles which are under common registered ownership and used in the regular course of business shall not be required to indicate the name of make and the factory or serial number of each motor vehicle;

     (2)  Policy number;

     (3)  Names of the insured and the insurer; and

     (4)  Effective dates of coverage including the expiration date.

     (b)  The identification card shall be in the insured motor vehicle or accessible on a mobile electronic device, as defined in section 291C-137, at all times and shall be exhibited to a law enforcement officer upon demand.

     (c)  The identification card shall be resistant to forgery by whatever means appropriate.  The commissioner shall approve the construction, form, and design of the identification card to ensure that the card is forgery resistant.

     (d)  The commissioner shall issue a certificate of self-insurance periodically, as necessary, for use in each motor vehicle insured under section 431:10C-105.

     (e)  The identification card issued by an insurer shall not be issued for a period exceeding the period for which premiums have been paid or earned; provided that this subsection shall apply only to the first application of a person for a motor vehicle insurance policy and shall not apply to applications for commercial and fleet vehicles. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 1997, c 251, §18; am L 1998, c 207, §1; am L 2000, c 24, §6; am L 2016, c 82, §3]