§431:10C-105  Self-insurance.  (a)  The motor vehicle insurance required by section 431:10C-104 may be satisfied by any owner of a motor vehicle if:

     (1)  The owner meets the requirements of part VI of this article; and

     (2)  The commissioner is satisfied that in case of injury, death, or property damage, any claimant would have the same rights against the owner as the claimant would have had if a motor vehicle insurance policy had been applicable to the vehicle.

     (b)  A person desiring to qualify as a self-insurer shall apply to the commissioner on a form or in a format approved by the commissioner pursuant to rules. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 1997, c 251, §16; am L 2000, c 24, §5; am L 2004, c 122, §39]


Cross References


  Self-insurer requirements, see §§431:10C-601 to 431:10C-608.


Case Notes


  Use restriction in rental agreement purporting to limit self-insurer rent-a-car company's liability in the event of an accident in which renter was intoxicated was in violation of public policy.  85 H. 243, 942 P.2d 507 (1997).

  Where there was no underlying insurance contract from which the duty of good faith settlement practices could arise, injured third-party claimant had no right to sue self-insured car rental company for bad faith.  105 H. 112, 94 P.3d 667 (2004).

  For purposes of §431:10C-104(a), self-insurance under this section should be considered a defense, which the prosecution need not disprove unless some evidence to support the defense has been introduced.  90 H. 130 (App.), 976 P.2d 444 (1999).

  Proof of self-insurance under this section is a "defense" within the meaning of §701-115.  90 H. 130 (App.), 976 P.2d 444 (1999).