§431:10B-105  Amount of credit life insurance and credit disability insurance.  (a)  Credit life insurance.

     (1)  The initial amount of credit life insurance shall not exceed the total amount repayable under the contract of indebtedness and, where an indebtedness is repayable in substantially equal installments, the amount of insurance shall at no time exceed the scheduled or actual amount of unpaid indebtedness, whichever is greater; except that if the sole purpose of the loan is to provide future advances to the debtor to meet education or education related expenses of the debtor, the debtor's spouse, children or other dependents, the amount of insurance may equal, but may not exceed, the total amount of the described expenses forecast at the time of entry into the loan agreement with the creditor, less the amount of all repayments by the debtor.  In the case of revolving loan or revolving charge accounts, the insurance shall at no time exceed the unpaid indebtedness.

     (2)  Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a)(1), insurance on agricultural credit transaction commitments not exceeding one year in duration may be written up to the amount of the loan commitment, on a nondecreasing or level term plan.

     (b)  Credit disability insurance.  The total amount of periodic indemnity payable by credit disability insurance in the event of disability, as defined in the policy, shall not exceed the aggregate of the periodic scheduled unpaid installments of the indebtedness.  The amount of each periodic indemnity payment shall not exceed the original indebtedness divided by the number of periodic installments. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]