[§431:10A-606]  Medication synchronization; proration; dispensing fees.  (a)  Each individual or group policy of accident and health or sickness insurance that provides prescription drug coverage in the State shall apply a prorated daily cost-sharing rate to prescriptions that are dispensed by a network pharmacy for less than a thirty-day supply for the purpose of medication synchronization; provided that the insured patient requests or agrees to less than a thirty-day supply.

     (b)  For the purposes of medication synchronization under this section, the insurer that provides prescription drug coverage shall:

     (1)  Not deny coverage for the dispensing of a maintenance medication that is dispensed by a network pharmacy on the basis that the dispensed amount is a partial supply and the insured patient requests or agrees to a partial supply; and

     (2)  Authorize a network pharmacy to override any denial codes indicating that a prescription is being refilled too soon.

     (c)  No policy providing prescription drug coverage shall use payment structures incorporating prorated dispensing fees. Dispensing fees for partially filled or refilled prescriptions shall be paid in full for each prescription dispensed, regardless of any prorated copayment for the beneficiary or fee paid for medication synchronization services.

     (d)  A network pharmacy shall identify an anchor prescription to which all other prescriptions may be subject to medication synchronization; provided that any medication dispensed in an unbreakable package shall not be considered the anchor prescription for purposes of this section.

     (e)  No schedule II narcotic controlled substance listed in section 329-16 shall be eligible for medication synchronization under this section.

     (f)  For purposes of this section:

     "Medication synchronization" means the coordination of medication refills that are being dispensed by a single contracted pharmacy to an insured patient taking two or more medications for one or more chronic conditions so that the patient's medications are refilled on the same schedule for a given time period.

     "Unbreakable package" means a medication form or package that is to be dispensed in its original container.  The term "unbreakable package" includes but is not limited to eye drops, inhalers, creams, and ointments. [L 2018, c 197, §2]