[§431:10A-208]  Qualified medical child support order.  (a)  An employer, who provides health coverage to dependent children of an employee, shall recognize a child identified in a qualified medical child support order as an eligible dependent without regard to any enrollment season restrictions.

     (b)  A qualified medical child support order shall:

     (1)  Specify the name and last known mailing address, if any, of the plan member and the name and mailing address of each recipient child covered by the order;

     (2)  Include a reasonable description of the type of coverage to be provided to the recipient child, or the manner in which the type of coverage is to be determined;

     (3)  State the period during which it applies;

     (4)  Specify the plan to which it applies; and

     (5)  Not require a plan to provide any type or form of benefit or option that the plan does not otherwise provide. [L 1994, c 145, §2]