Affordable health insurance working group; report to 2018 legislature. L 2017, c 43.

Article heading amended by L 2002, c 155, 48.


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Federally qualified health centers; rural health clinics; reimbursement, see 346-53.6.

Health and dental insurance data; mandatory reporting for certain insurers, see 323D-18.5.

Prescription drug benefits, see chapter 431R.

Prescription drugs; mail order opt out option, see 87A-16.3.


Law Journals and Reviews


Tax Justice and Same-Sex Domestic Partner Health Benefits: An Analysis of the Tax Equity For Health Plan Beneficiaries Act. 32 UH L. Rev. 73 (2009).


Case Notes


As chapter 432D does not cover the field of managed care regulation and because 432D-2, 432E-1, and this article can be read together and there is no explicit language or policy reason not to give each statute effect, chapter 432D does not repeal chapter 432E by implication. 126 H. 326, 271 P.3d 621 (2012).

Properly licensed HMOs, like plaintiff, were authorized pursuant to 432D-1 to "provide or arrange", at their option, for the closed panel health care services required under the managed care plan program; accident and health insurers were authorized under 431:10A-205(b) to arrange for medical services for members using a defined network of providers, i.e., particular "hospitals or persons"; thus, this article and chapter 432D authorized both accident and health insurers and HMOs, as risk-bearing entities, to provide the closed panel product required by the managed care plan contracts. 126 H. 326, 271 P.3d 621 (2012).





431:10A-101 Applications and exceptions. This part shall apply to all policies of accident and health or sickness insurance delivered or issued for delivery in this State, except that nothing in this part shall apply to or affect:

(1) Any policy of workers' compensation insurance or any policy of vehicle or liability insurance with or without supplementary coverage therein;

(2) Any policy or contract of reinsurance;

(3) Any blanket or group policy of insurance; or

(4) Life insurance, endowment, or annuity contracts, or contracts supplemental thereto which contain only such provisions relating to accident and health or sickness insurance as:

(A) Provide additional benefits in case of death, dismemberment, or loss of sight by accident; or

(B) Operate to safeguard such contracts against lapse, or to give a special surrender value, special benefit, or an annuity in the event that the insured or annuitant shall become totally and permanently disabled, as defined by the contract or supplemental contract. [L 1987, c 347, pt of 2; am L 2002, c 155, 49]



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