§431:10-206  Application for insurance:  consent of insured required.  No life insurance or accident and health or sickness insurance contract upon an individual shall be made or effectuated unless at the time of the making of the contract the individual insured, being of competent legal capacity to contract, applies for or consents to the insurance in writing, except in the following cases:

     (1)  A spouse may effectuate such insurance upon the other spouse.

     (2)  Any person having an insurable interest in the life of a minor, or any person upon whom a minor is dependent for support and maintenance, may effectuate insurance upon the life of or pertaining to the minor.

This section shall not apply to contracts of group life insurance or of group or blanket disability insurance as defined in this code. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 2002, c 155, §41]