§431:9N-102  License denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or revocation; trade name bar.  In addition to the authority granted by section 431:9A-112, the commissioner may deny, place on probation, suspend, revoke, or refuse to issue or renew a bail agent's license, may permanently retire or bar subsequent use of a trade name, and may levy a civil fine or penalty in accordance with articles 2 and 9A, or take any combination of these actions, for any of the following causes:

     (1)  Failure to satisfy, pay, or otherwise discharge a bail forfeiture judgment after the bail agent's name is on the board for more than forty-five consecutive days for the same forfeiture;

     (2)  Failure to satisfy, pay, or otherwise discharge a final, nonappealable bail forfeiture judgment within sixty days following notice of entry of judgment;

     (3)  Failure to report, to preserve without use and retain separately, or to return collateral received as security on any bond to the principal or depositor of the collateral;

     (4)  Failure to pay a final, nonappealable judgment award for failure to return or repay collateral received to secure a bond;

     (5)  Continuing execution of bail bonds in any court in this State while on the board, where the bail forfeiture judgment that resulted in placement on the board has not been paid, stayed, vacated, exonerated, or otherwise discharged; or

     (6)  Payment, directly or indirectly, of any commission, service fee, brokerage, or other valuable consideration to any person selling, soliciting, or negotiating bail within this State unless, at the time the services were performed, the person was duly licensed for the performance of the services. [L 2008, c 134, pt of §1; am L 2010, c 116, §1(13); am L 2019, c 70, §13]