Part IV.  Limited Lines Self-Service Storage Stored

Property Insurance


     [§431:9A-171]  Definitions.  For purposes of this part:

     "Commissioner" means the insurance commissioner as defined in section 431:2-102.

     "Occupant" has the same meaning as in section 507-61.

     "Owner" means any business entity that owns or is authorized to manage a self-service storage facility, or to receive rent from an occupant under a rental agreement, and no real estate license is required.

     "Self-service storage facility" has the same meaning as in section 507-61.

     "Stored property insurance" means insurance under a group, individual, corporate, commercial, or master policy to provide insurance coverage to occupants of a self-service storage facility for the loss of, or damage to, tangible personal property that is contained in a storage space located at a self-service storage facility or is in transit during the term of a self-service storage facility rental agreement.

     "Supervising entity" means a business entity that is a licensed insurer or insurance producer that is appointed or authorized by an insurer to supervise the administration of a stored property insurance program. [L 2019, c 284, pt of §2]