[§431:9A-160]  Advisory committee.  (a)  The commissioner may establish an advisory committee, which shall be composed of nine members appointed by the commissioner of which:

     (1)  Eight members shall be practicing licensees with active licenses; and

     (2)  One member shall be from the insurance division.

Members shall serve staggered terms of two years each so that the terms of no more than five members expire each year.

     (b)  The advisory committee shall assist the commissioner by:

     (1)  Recommending to the commissioner policies, procedures, and administrative rules to implement this part, including:

          (A)  Additional criteria to be used in the consideration and review of course providers, courses, and course materials;

          (B)  Additional criteria to be considered in the approval or rejection of continuing education courses; and

          (C)  Courses, credit hours, and fees for applications of renewals for each approved course;

     (2)  Reviewing the continuing education course requirements for this State and other states to determine whether the courses are substantially equivalent and recommending to the commissioner whether to enter into or maintain reciprocal agreements with other states;

     (3)  Reviewing and critiquing proposed continuing education course materials to determine whether the course materials are appropriate for the purposes of continuing education and whether courses using these materials would comply with this part; and

     (4)  Providing such other and further assistance to the commissioner as the commissioner deems appropriate.

     (c)  The committee members shall receive no monetary compensation for services.

     (d)  The commissioner may grant continuing education equivalent credit to members of the advisory committee for work completed pursuant to this section. [L 2003, c 55, pt of §1]