§431:9A-152  Continuing education course provider additional duties.  In addition to other duties and obligations imposed by law, a continuing education course provider shall be responsible for:

     (1)  Ensuring that each course is taught by a qualified instructor;

     (2)  Providing course schedules at least thirty days prior to the start date of each class;

     (3)  Monitoring attendance by having licensees who are taking the continuing education course, sign-in at the time of entrance to the course, and sign-out upon completion of the course, for courses other than self-study courses;

     (4)  Supervising and evaluating courses and instructors;

     (5)  Administering examinations when applicable;

     (6)  Verifying and submitting in the appropriate format, on a timely basis, course attendance and completion rosters and other information required by law;

     (7)  Signing and issuing to a licensee, in a form approved by the commissioner, a certificate of completion within fifteen days of completion of a continuing education course;

     (8)  Providing continuing education course application materials, including a detailed course content outline and a copy of the provider's tuition and fee refund policy, upon a licensee's request; and

     (9)  Publishing and abiding by a refund policy that complies with rules adopted by the commissioner. [L 2003, c 55, pt of §1; am L 2006, c 154, §34]