[431:9A-141] Definitions. Unless specified otherwise, the following definitions shall be used in this part in addition to other definitions in chapter 431:

"Limited lines motor vehicle rental company producer" or "rental company producer" means a motor vehicle rental company that is licensed by the commissioner to solicit and sell insurance coverages only in connection with and which are incidental to the rental company's business of renting motor vehicles.

"Motor vehicle rental agreement" or "rental agreement" means any written agreement setting forth the terms and conditions governing the use of a motor vehicle that is rented or leased from a rental company.

"Motor vehicle rental company" or "rental company" means any person that is primarily in the business of providing motor vehicles to the public under a motor vehicle rental agreement for a rental period not to exceed ninety days.

"Motor vehicle renter" means any person obtaining the use of a vehicle from a rental company under the terms of a rental agreement for a rental period not to exceed ninety days.

"Rental vehicle" or "vehicle" means a motor vehicle:

(1) Of the private passenger type including passenger vans, minivans, and sport utility vehicles; or

(2) Of the cargo type, including cargo vans or pickup trucks with a gross vehicle weight of less than twenty-six thousand pounds,

that do not require a commercial driver's license for the operation of the vehicle. [L 2002, c 235, pt of 1]



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