§431:9-223  Public adjuster's bond.  (a)  Prior to the issuance of a license as a public adjuster, the applicant for such license shall file with the commissioner and shall maintain in force while so licensed, a surety bond in favor of this State.  The bond shall be executed by an authorized corporate surety approved by the commissioner, in the amount of $10,000.  The bond shall be contingent on the accounting by the adjuster to any insured whose claim the adjuster is handling, for moneys or any settlement received in connection with such claim.  The bond may be written without an expiration date and total aggregate liability on the bond may be limited to the payment of $10,000.

     (b)  Any such bond shall remain in force until the surety is released from liability by the commissioner, or until canceled by the surety.  Without prejudice to any liability accrued prior to cancellation, the surety may cancel a bond upon sixty days advance notice in writing filed with the commissioner.

     (c)  During the existence of the license, the licensee may, in lieu of such bond, maintain on deposit with the commissioner a like amount in cash or securities approved by the commissioner.  Such deposit shall be held for the same purpose and upon the same conditions as the bond. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]