§431:9-222.5  Claims adjusters; limited license.  (a)  The commissioner may issue a limited license to an adjuster who only adjusts either workers' compensation or crop insurance claims; provided that the adjuster:

     (1)  Is domiciled in the State of Hawaii, or in a state that permits residents of the State of Hawaii to act as adjusters in that other state;

     (2)  Has had experience, special education, or training in handling loss claims under workers' compensation or crop insurance contracts of sufficiently reasonable duration and extent to enable an individual to fulfill the responsibilities of an adjuster;

     (3)  Has a passing grade on the workers' compensation or crop insurance examination pursuant to section 431:9-206 or has a passing grade on an examination approved by the Risk Management Agency of the United States Department of Agriculture; and

     (4)  Pays the applicable fees.

     (b)  An adjuster with a limited license issued under this section may extend the license biennially upon successfully passing a reexamination. [L 1995, c 234, §4; am L 2004, c 122, §27; am L 2009, c 77, §8; am L 2010, c 6, §1]