§431:9-204  Applications for license.  (a)  Application for an adjuster or independent bill reviewer license shall be made to the commissioner upon forms prescribed and furnished by the commissioner.  As a part of or in connection with the application, the applicant shall furnish information including:

     (1)  The applicant's identity, personal history, experience, business records, and a full set of fingerprints, including a scanned file from a hard copy fingerprint, for the commissioner to obtain and receive national and state criminal history record checks from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Hawaii criminal justice data center, pursuant to section 846-2.7; and

     (2)  Other pertinent facts as the commissioner may reasonably require.

     (b)  Any person who wilfully misrepresents or omits any fact required to be disclosed in an application filed pursuant to this section shall be liable for penalties as provided by this code. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 2009, c 77, §16; am L 2011, c 81, §5]