§431:6-310  Security agreements.  (a)  In connection with a mortgage loan on the security of real property designed and used primarily for residential purposes only acquired pursuant to section 431:6-306, an insurer may loan or invest an amount not exceeding twenty per cent of the amount loaned or invested in the real property mortgage, on the security of a security agreement for a term of not more than five years representing a first and prior lien, except for taxes not then delinquent, on personal property constituting durable equipment owned by the mortgagor and kept and used in the mortgaged premises.

     (b)  The term durable equipment shall include only mechanical refrigerators, mechanical laundering machines, heating and cooking stoves and ranges, mechanical kitchen aids, vacuum cleaners, and fire extinguishing devices; and in addition, in the case of apartment houses and hotels, room furniture and furnishings.

     (c)  Prior to acquisition of a security agreement, items of property to be included shall be separately appraised by a competent appraiser and the fair market value thereof determined.  No such security agreement shall exceed in amount the same ratio of loan to the value of the property as is applicable to the companion mortgage loan on the real property. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 2004, c 122, §19]