§431:4-415  Subscribers' advisory committee.  (a)  The advisory committee of a domestic reciprocal insurer exercising the subscribers' rights shall be selected under such rules as the subscribers adopt.

     (b)  Not less than three-fourths of the committee shall be composed of subscribers other than the attorney, or any person employed by, representing, or having a financial interest in the attorney.

     (c)  The committee shall:

     (1)  Supervise the finances of the insurer;

     (2)  Supervise the insurer's operations to such extent as to assure their conformity with the subscribers' agreement and power of attorney;

     (3)  Procure the audit of the accounts and records of the insurer and of the attorney at the expense of the insurer; and

     (4)  Have such additional powers and functions as may be conferred by the subscribers' agreement. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]