§431:4-127  Solicitation in other states.  (a)  No domestic insurer shall knowingly solicit insurance business in any reciprocating state in which it is not then licensed as an authorized insurer.

     (b)  A reciprocating state, as used herein, is one under the laws of which a similar prohibition is imposed upon and is enforced against insurers domiciled in that state.

     (c)  This section shall not prohibit:

     (1)  Advertising through publications and radio broadcasts originating outside the reciprocating state, if the insurer is licensed in a majority of the states in which such advertising is disseminated, and if the advertising is not specially directed to residents of the reciprocating state; and

     (2)  Insurance covering persons or risks located in a reciprocating state, under contracts solicited and issued in states in which the insurer is then licensed.  Nor shall it prohibit insurance effectuated by the insurer as an unauthorized insurer in accordance with the laws of the reciprocating state. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]