§431:4-110  Bond or cash deposit.  (a)  The commissioner shall not issue a solicitation permit until the person applying therefor files with the commissioner a corporate surety bond in the penalty sum of $150,000, in favor of this State and for the use and benefit of this State and of subscribers and creditors of the proposed organization.  The bond shall be conditioned upon the payment of costs incurred by this State in the event of any legal proceedings for liquidation or dissolution of the proposed organization before completion of organization or in the event a certificate of authority is not granted; upon a full accounting for funds received until the proposed insurer has been granted its certificate of authority; or until the proposed corporation has completed its organization as defined in the solicitation permit.

     (b)  In lieu of filing the bond described in subsection (a), the person may deposit with the director of finance through the commissioner $150,000 in cash or in United States government bonds at par value, to be held in trust upon the same conditions as required for the bond.

     (c)  The commissioner may waive the requirement for a bond or deposit in lieu thereof if the permit provides that:

     (1)  The proposed securities are to be distributed solely and finally to those few persons who are the active promoters intimate to the formation of the insurer or other corporation, or to the formation of the insurer or other corporation; or

     (2)  The securities are to be issued in connection with subsequent financing as provided in section 431:4-120, and distribution thereof is not to be made to the general public.

     (d)  Any bond filed, or any deposit or remaining portion thereof held under this section shall be released and discharged upon settlement or termination of all liabilities against it. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 1993, c 205, §8]