§431:4-108  Application for a solicitation permit.  To apply for a solicitation permit a person shall:

     (1)  File with the commissioner a request showing:

          (A)  Name, type and purpose of insurer or corporation proposed to be formed;

          (B)  Names, addresses and business records of each person associated or to be associated with in the formation of the proposed insurer or corporation;

          (C)  Full disclosure of the terms of all understandings and agreements existing or proposed among persons so associated relative to the proposed insurer or corporation or the formation thereof;

          (D)  The plan according to which solicitations are to be made;

          (E)  Such additional information as the commissioner may reasonably require.

     (2)  File with the commissioner:

          (A)  (i)  The articles of incorporation, or

             (ii)  The proposed subscribers' agreement and power of attorney, if the proposed insurer is a reciprocal;

          (B)  Original and one copy of any proposed bylaws;

          (C)  Copy of any security proposed to be issued and copy of application or subscription agreement therefor;

          (D)  Copy of any insurance contract proposed to be offered and copy of application therefor;

          (E)  Copy of any prospectus, advertising or literature proposed to be used;

          (F)  Copy of proposed form of any escrow agreement required.

     (3)  Deposit with the commissioner the appropriate fees required by this code. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]