§431:3-301  Annual and quarterly filings with commissioner.  (a)  Each domestic, foreign, and alien insurer that is authorized to transact insurance in this State shall file annually with the commissioner, on or before March 1 of each year, a copy of its annual statement convention blank, statement of actuarial opinion by a qualified actuary or specialist, and additional filings as prescribed by the commissioner for the preceding year.  Each insurer shall file quarterly, on or before the forty-fifth day after each quarter, a copy of its quarterly statement.  The statements shall be prepared in accordance with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' annual statement instructions, following the practices and procedures prescribed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' accounting practices and procedures manuals.  The annual and quarterly statements shall be verified by oaths of at least two of the insurer's principal officers, or the attorney-in-fact in the case of a reciprocal insurer, or the United States manager in the case of an alien insurer.  The statement of an alien insurer shall relate only to its transactions and affairs in the United States.  Foreign and alien insurers that are in compliance with section 431:3-302 are not required to file annual and quarterly statements with this State.

     (b)  Each insurer shall file the tax statement provided for by section 431:7-201.

     (c)  Any insurer failing or refusing to submit the annual or quarterly filing or any of the documents in accordance with this section shall be liable for a fine in an amount not less than $100 and not more than $500 for each day of delinquency.  The commissioner may suspend or revoke the certificate of authority of any insurer that fails to file any of the documents required pursuant to this section. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2; am L 1992, c 176, §9; am L 1993, c 205, §6 as superseded by c 321, §9; am L 1994, c 128, §2; am L 1995, c 232, §11; am L 1997, c 36, §2; am L 2003, c 212, §22]