§431:3-209  Deposits of alien and foreign insurers; special deposits.  (a)  To qualify for and hold a certificate of authority, an alien or foreign insurer must deposit and maintain on deposit assets equal in amount to either the amount of paid-up capital stock in the case of a stock insurer, or surplus, in the case of a mutual or reciprocal insurer, required of a domestic insurer to transact a business of insurance in like class or classes of insurance, or the amount of $500,000, whichever amount is the greater.

     (b)  The deposit shall be for the security of all policyholders and obligees of the insurer in the United States.  It shall not be subject to diminution below the amount currently determined in accordance with subsection (a) so long as the insurer has outstanding any liabilities arising out of its business transacted in the United States.

     (c)  The deposit shall be maintained with the commissioner.  In lieu of the deposit or part thereof, the commissioner shall accept the certificate of the public official having supervision over insurance in another state showing that deposits by the insurer, or like part thereof, maintained by the insurer in that state for the benefit of all of the insurer's policyholders in the United States or all of its policyholders and obligees in the United States, if the total deposit in this State and those evidenced by the certificate or certificates is in an amount not less than the amount required pursuant to subsection (a).

     (d)  The commissioner may require the foreign or alien insurer to place in a special deposit an amount determined by the commissioner in a federally insured financial institution within the State. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2 as superseded by c 348, §4]