§431:3-205  Funds required of new insurers.  Subject to section 431:3-203(a)(2), to qualify to transact any one class of insurance, an insurer, not existing and authorized in this State on July 1, 1988, shall:

     (1)  Deposit in a federally insured financial institution within the State, paid-up capital stock in the case of a stock insurer, or unimpaired surplus if:

          (A)  A reciprocal insurer; or

          (B)  A mutual insurer that does not seek to qualify upon the basis of applications and premiums collected as provided in sections 431:4-303 to 431:4-307,

          in an amount not less than shown in the applicable Schedule "A";

     (2)  Maintain this deposit at all times while the insurer is licensed and transacting insurance in this State; and

     (3)  Secure the approval of the commissioner before making withdrawals from the depository.

Schedule "A"

              Class of Insurance       Amount Required

              Life                         $  600,000

              Accident and Health or Sickness  450,000

              Property                        750,000

              Marine and Transportation      1,000,000

              Vehicle                       1,000,000

              General Casualty              1,500,000

              Surety                        1,000,000

              Title                           400,000.

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