[§431:2D-105]  Protocols for market conduct actions.  (a)  Market conduct actions taken as a result of a market analysis shall focus on the general business practices and compliance activities of insurers, rather than identifying infrequent or unintentional random errors that do not cause consumer harm.

     (b)  The commissioner may determine the frequency and timing of such market conduct actions.  The timing shall depend upon the specific market conduct action to be initiated, unless extraordinary circumstances indicating a risk to consumers require immediate action.

     If the commissioner has information that more than one insurer is engaged in common practices that may violate the law, the commissioner may schedule and coordinate multiple examinations simultaneously.

     (c)  The insurer shall be notified of any practice or procedure which is to be the subject of a market conduct action and shall be given an opportunity to resolve such matters that arise as a result of a market analysis to the satisfaction of the commissioner before any additional market conduct actions are taken against the insurer.  If the insurer has modified the practice or procedure as a result of a market conduct action taken by the insurance commissioner of another state, the commissioner shall accept appropriate documentation that the insurer has satisfactorily modified the practice or procedure and made similar modification to such practice or procedure in this State. [L 2007, c 227, pt of §1]