[§431:2-409]  Mandatory reporting.  (a)  Within sixty days of an insurer or other licensee's employee or agent discovering credible information indicating a violation of section 431:2-403, or as soon thereafter as practicable, the insurer or licensee shall provide to the branch information, including documents and other evidence, regarding the alleged violation of section 431:2-403.  The insurance fraud investigations branch shall work with the insurer or licensee to determine what information shall be provided.

     (b)  Information provided pursuant to this section shall be protected from public disclosure to the extent authorized by chapter 92F and section 431:2-209; provided that the branch may release the information in an administrative or judicial proceeding to enforce this part to federal, state, or local law enforcement or regulatory authorities, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, or an insurer or other licensee aggrieved by the alleged violation of section 431:2-403. [L 2009, c 149, pt of §2]