§431:2-205  Commissioner to receive service of legal process on foreign or alien insurer.  (a)  Each authorized foreign or alien insurer shall appoint the commissioner as its attorney to receive service of, and upon whom may be served, all legal process issued against it in this State upon causes of action arising within this State.  Service upon the commissioner as attorney shall constitute service upon the insurer.

     (b)  With the appointment, the insurer shall designate by a name and address the person to whom the commissioner shall forward legal process so served upon the commissioner.  The insurer may change such person by filing a new designation.  However, the insurer's last known principal office may be used by the commissioner in lieu of the designated person.

     (c)  The insurer shall file with the commissioner a resolution adopted by its board of directors or other governing board consenting that service of process upon the commissioner in any action or proceeding against the insurer brought or pending in this State upon any cause of action arising in or growing out of business transacted in this State, shall be valid service upon the insurer, and the consent shall be irrevocable, so long as a policy of insurance of such insurer shall remain in force in this State, or any loss remains unpaid therein.

     (d)  The insurer shall also file the name and business address of its authorized resident agent upon whom process may be served in all cases.  Until such time as the agent's authority is revoked by a notice in writing filed in the office of the commissioner, service may be had upon the insurer by personal service upon the agent.  In case a corporation is designated as an agent, service of process may be had by serving the same upon the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, or any director thereof; and in case a partnership is designated as an agent, service of process may be had by serving the same upon any member thereof.  Service may be had on either the authorized agent or the commissioner. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]