[§431:2-201.2]  Standards for commissioner.  When reviewing a uniform standard, the commissioner shall consider the following standards in determining whether to opt out of a uniform standard:

     (1)  Whether the public interest is being served or protected;

     (2)  Whether the reasonable expectations of the consumer will be met;

     (3)  Whether the uniform standard is or will require a reasonably clear, plain English communication to the consumer;

     (4)  Whether the consumer will be protected in a typical transaction where the consumer may have less power, information, or understanding of the meaning or consequences of the transaction, or any part thereof, than the insurer or producer;

     (5)  The long-term effects of the uniform standard;

     (6)  The possible effects of the uniform standard on the financial condition of insurers;

     (7)  Confidentiality requirements in state or federal law;

     (8)  State and federal constitutional issues;

     (9)  The impact of the uniform standard on any provision of the insurance code or any state or federal law;

    (10)  The uniform standard's particular impact in the State and any conditions unique to the State; and

    (11)  The integration of the uniform standard with state or federal law and any possible conflicts with such laws. [L 2004, c 104, §3]