§431:1-215  Transaction of an insurance business.  Transaction of an insurance business means any of the following acts in this State effected by mail or otherwise by or on behalf of an insurer.  The venue of an act committed by mail is at the point where the matter transmitted by mail is delivered and takes effect.  Unless otherwise indicated, the term insurer as used in this definition includes all corporations, associations, partnerships, and individuals, engaged as principals in the business of insurance and also includes reciprocal insurers.

     (1)  The making of or proposing to make, as an insurer, an insurance contract;

     (2)  The making of or proposing to make, as guarantor or surety, any contract of guaranty or suretyship as a vocation and not merely incidental to any other legitimate business or activity of the guarantor or surety;

     (3)  The taking or receiving of any application for insurance;

     (4)  The receiving or collection of any premium, commission, membership fees, assessments, dues or other consideration for any insurance or any part thereof;

     (5)  The issuance or delivery of contracts of insurance to residents of this State or to persons authorized to do business in this State;

     (6)  The transaction of any kind of insurance business specifically recognized as transacting an insurance business under this code; or

     (7)  The transacting or proposing to transact any insurance business in substance equivalent to any of the foregoing in a manner designed to evade the provisions of this code. [L 1987, c 347, pt of §2]