Part I.  General Partnerships


    425-1 Registration and annual statements

  425-1.5 Filing in office of the director; effective time and


  425-1.6 Filing requirements; filing duty of the director

  425-1.7 Correcting a filed document

  425-1.8 Execution of statements

    425-2 Forms to be furnished by director

    425-3 Foreign partnerships, powers and liabilities

  425-3.5 Activities not constituting transacting business

    425-4 Partnership between husband and wife; prima facie


    425-5 Minors and incompetent persons

    425-6 Partnership name

    425-7 Partnership name; change of

    425-8 Reservation of partnership name

    425-9 Statement of dissolution

   425-10 Taxes, etc., a prior lien on partnership property on


   425-11 Record of statements

   425-12 Fee for filing documents and issuing certificates

   425-13 Personal liability and penalty

   425-14 Cancellation of registration

   425-15 Not applicable to corporations

   425-16 Fees, government realizations

   425-17 Withdrawal procedure for foreign general partnership

   425-18 Registered agent

   425-19 Designation or change of registered agent

   425-20 Resignation of registered agent

   425-21 Service on partnership


        Part II.  Uniform Limited Partnership Act

   425-21 to 52 Repealed


        Part III.  Foreign Limited Partnerships

   425-71 to 77 Repealed


        Part IV.  Uniform Partnership Act


        General Provisions

  425-101 Definitions

  425-102 Knowledge and notice

  425-103 Effect of partnership agreement; nonwaivable


  425-104 Supplemental principles of law

  425-105 Recording and notification of statements

  425-106 Governing law

  425-107 Partnership subject to amendment or repeal of chapter


        Nature of Partnership

  425-108 Partnership as entity

  425-109 Formation of partnership

  425-110 Partnership property

  425-111 When property is partnership property


        Relations of Partners to Persons Dealing with


  425-112 Partner agent of partnership

  425-113 Transfer of partnership property

  425-114 Partnership registration statement

  425-115 Statement of denial

  425-116 Partnership liable for partner's actionable conduct

  425-117 Partner's liability

  425-118 Actions by and against partnership and partners

  425-119 Liability of purported partner


        Relations of Partners to Each Other and to Partnership

  425-120 Partner's rights and duties

  425-121 Distributions in kind

  425-122 Partner's rights and duties with respect to


  425-123 General standards of partner's conduct

  425-124 Actions by partnership and partners

  425-125 Continuation of partnership beyond definite term or

          particular undertaking


        Transferees and Creditors of Partner

  425-126 Partner not co-owner of partnership property

  425-127 Partner's transferable interest in partnership

  425-128 Transfer of partner's transferable interest

  425-129 Partner's transferable interest subject to charging



        Partner's Dissociation

  425-130 Events causing partner's dissociation

  425-131 Partner's power to dissociate; wrongful dissociation

  425-132 Effect of partner's dissociation


        Partner's Dissociation When Business Not Wound Up

  425-133 Purchase of dissociated partner's interest

  425-134 Dissociated partner's power to bind and liability to


  425-135 Dissociated partner's liability to other persons

  425-136 Statement of dissociation

  425-137 Continued use of partnership name


        Winding Up Partnership Business

  425-138 Events causing dissolution and winding up of

          partnership business

  425-139 Partnership continues after dissolution

  425-140 Right to wind up partnership business

  425-141 Partner's power to bind partnership after dissolution

  425-142 Statement of dissolution

  425-143 Partner's liability to other partners after


  425-144 Settlement of accounts and contributions among



        Miscellaneous Provisions--Repealed

  425-145 Repealed


        Limited Liability Partnerships

  425-151 Name

  425-152 Limited liability partnerships; formation

  425-153 Statement of qualification

  425-154 Amending and restating, amending, and restating the

          statement of qualification; voluntary cancellation

  425-155 Status as limited liability partnership; cancellation

  425-156 Foreign limited liability partnerships

  425-157 Law governing foreign limited liability partnership

  425-158 Statement of foreign qualification

  425-159 Amending, restating, and amending and restating the

          statement of foreign qualification; voluntary


  425-160 Status as qualified foreign limited liability

          partnership; cancellation

  425-161 Foreign limited liability partnerships; effect

          of failure to qualify

  425-162 Foreign limited liability partnerships;

          activities not constituting the transaction

          of business

  425-163 Annual report

  425-164 Revocation of statement of qualification

 425-165, 166 Repealed

  425-167 Correction of filed documents

  425-168 Fee for recording

  425-169 Revocation if instrument dishonored

  425-170 Repealed

  425-171 Action by director

  425-172 Personal liability and penalty

  425-173 Transition rules for limited liability

          partnerships and foreign limited liability

          partnerships under prior law


        Part V.  Limited Liability Partnership Act--Repealed

  425-151 to 180 Repealed


        Part VI.  Miscellaneous Provisions

  425-191 Repealed

  425-192 Conversion into and from partnerships or limited

          liability partnerships

  425-193 Articles of conversion

  425-194 Repealed

  425-195 Effect of conversion

  425-196 Administrative order of abatement for infringement of

          partnership name

  425-197 Uniformity of application and construction

  425-198 Short title


        Part VII.  Mergers

  425-201 Definitions

  425-202 Foreign mergers

  425-203 Merger of general partnerships and limited liability


  425-204 Articles of merger

  425-205 Effect of merger

  425-206 Repealed




  Source notes for part I begin with L 1969, c 247 which completely amended this part.