421J-1 Scope

421J-1.5 Interpretation

421J-2 Definitions

421J-3 Board of directors

421J-3.5 Notice required; regular annual and special meetings

421J-4 Proxies

421J-5 Meetings of the board of directors; committee

or subcommittee

421J-6 Robert's Rules of Order

421J-7 Documents of the association

421J-7.5 Restatement of association documents

421J-8 Membership list

421J-9 Notification of assessment increases

421J-10 Attorneys' fees and expenses of enforcement

421J-10.5 Association fiscal matters; lien for assessments

421J-10.6 Association fiscal matters; collection of unpaid

assessments from tenants or rental agents

421J-11 Applicability of other laws

421J-12 Amendment of association documents when no

procedure provided

421J-13 Mediation of disputes

421J-14 First annual meeting of association

421J-15 Service of process

421J-16 Medical cannabis; discrimination


Cross References


Placement of clotheslines, see 196-8.5.


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